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Job Openings Last Updated: 03-23-17

Company City Position Date
Miller Media Group Taylorville Immediate Openings for Account Managers 03-23-17
Miller Media Group Taylorville Immediate Opening F/T News/Sports Reporter 03-23-17
KZPK-FM St. Cloud Wild Country 99 Afternoons 03-23-17
KVOE Emporia News Reporter/Anchor 03-21-17
WJXA-FM Nashville Mornings in Nashville! 03-17-17
Mel Wheeler Inc. Roanoke Sales Representative 03-17-17
Salem Media Group Portland Account Executive 03-14-17
Mel Wheeler Inc. Roanoke Production/Continuity Director 03-14-17
WNWN-FM Battle Creek Advertising Sales Position 03-14-17
WJXA/WCJK/WNFN Nashville Promotions & Social Media Coordinator 03-14-17
Midwest Communications Inc. Knoxville Web Developer - Knoxville, TN 03-14-17
WMGI-FM, WDWQ-FM, WIBQ-AM Terre Haute Advertising/Marketing Career 03-14-17

Midwest Communications Inc. Green Bay Brand Manager 03-14-17
88.3 WAFJ North Augusta Morning Glory! We Need Your Morning Show Passion 03-14-17
American General Media San Luis Obispo Account Executive 03-10-17
IHeartMEDIA San Antonio San Antonio PT Spanish Speaking Promotions Assistant 03-09-17
IHeartMedia San Antonio PT Promotions Assistant 03-09-17
WJXA - Nashville TN Nashville Mornings in Nashville! 03-09-17
Midwest Communications Terre Haute Air Personality Positions 03-09-17
Midwest Communications Inc. Green Bay Brand Manager Opportunities 03-09-17
Spanish Broadcasting System Los Angeles Air Personality 03-08-17
WKZO/WVFM/WZOX/WQLR/WNWN Kalamazoo Engineer Position 03-08-17
WJXQ/WQTX/WLMI/WWDK Holt Director of Digital Sales & Development 03-08-17
Midwest Communications Evansville Traffic Person 03-07-17
IHeartMedia RIV/TEM Mrkt. KTMQ/KMYT-FM Temecula Account Executive 03-03-17

Flinn Broadcasting Memphis Sales In Memphis 03-02-17
Midwest Communications Kalamazoo Brand Manager positions 02-28-17
AGM California Bakersfield Account Executive - Bakersfield 02-28-17
Miller Media Group Taylorville Advertising Account Managers 02-24-17
Miller Media Group Taylorville FT Staff Announcer/Sports PBB 02-24-17
WNCY-FM Green Bay Avertising Sales Representative 02-24-17

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